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Hotel Çajupi Gjirokaster

About us

Welcome to Hotel Cajupi, located at the heart of the city of Gjirokastra, overlooked by Gjirokastër Fortress (Castel of Gjirokastra). From there, the famous cobblestone streets of the characteristic bazaar pave the way, intertwined with all the roads that lead to the Castel of Gjirokastra, as well as various historic spots and cultural monuments that are numerous in the UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage City of Gjirokastër.

Hotel Cajupi, was built in 1964 by the communist regime at the time and was and still remains an important destination in the city. The architectural project was realized by the well-known Professor Luarasi and was executed by the state construction department of Gjirokastra, under the direction and supervision of Engineer Sotiraq Manthos.

This multi service complex opened its doors in 1965 and included: Hotelery, coffee-bar, restaurant-pastry and bakery shop, taverns and family halls. The ground floor has a reception, family halls and lounges, bar-pastry shop with the tavern next to it. The family hall is furnished with wood carved tables and chairs, by the artisan masters of Gjirokastra and its walls have been adorned with original paintings by the most famous painter from Gjirokastra, Mr. Bashkim Ahmeti. The giants of the Albanian Literature, Mr. Ismail Kadare and Mr. Dritero Agolli as well as the majority of the Albanian artists have been frequent, time and again customers of the hotel.

This complex has been just renovated (March 2019) and has employed the masters and specialists of the time in service, culinary at the restaurant and pastry and bakery shop.


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